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Subject Line: Taxes are a waste of time

Hi [Name]

You have better things to do with your time than worry about taxes.

So why are you letting them pull you away from talking with clients, developing products, and boosting your sales?

We’ve worked with companies such as FounderDating and Faithbox to build unique financial strategies, so they can get back to focusing on their customers and sales.

Now it’s your turn.

When can we talk about some ideas I have that will help you next tax season?

Emilee Morehouse

Subject Line: Dare you to breathe easy

Hi [Name],

What’s one part of your business that you’re really excited about? Bet you didn’t say taxes.

Between jungles of paperwork, self-employment tax, and deadlines, taxes are confusing. And experience tells us a lot of coaches are paying more than they need to.

We’re excited to be helping coaches get back on track, while we manage the bookkeeping and tax filings . Coaches like rockstar empathy coach Whitney Hess, whose thriving business helps people around the world.

Let’s talk more about how you can reduce your 2016 tax bill (it should only take 10 minutes).

Emilee Morehouse

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