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How We Started

It all started when I discovered the power of resale apps. I was working retail 40 hours a week, but I found out I could make some cash on the side through reselling clothing. The best part was the community I became a part of. I got to help women find clothing that would define a moment, or a vision of how they wanted to look. That, in itself, was payment.

In August 2015 I transferred colleges and realized that rather than applying for new jobs, I could use my reselling as a way to create a more substantial income. It took a lot of hard work, but after putting every bit of effort and time into it, I turned it into a business I could be proud of.

Reselling clothes eventually peaked my interest to start my own clothing business, where I’d be able to run things in my own unique way. I took the money from my reselling, and put it toward my business—a strategy that I still use, to this day!

I started working on Red & Moon in January 2016, and I still have to laugh at the origin story of the name. Let’s just say it comes from a nickname and an inside joke. Most importantly, it embodies me, and makes me smile every time I hear it. The website launched March 2016, and the rest in history! Thanks for being a part of our story!



Welcome to Red & Moon’s Newsletter!

We’re a business born from the idea that finding comfortable clothing shouldn’t mean compromising your love for unique pieces. Each piece is hand-picked to become your new “go-to” item—something you can count on to make you feel beautiful, no matter the occasion.

Say goodbye to the days of pulling things out of your closet wondering, “Does this look okay?” With each unique piece, Red & Moon is dedicated to making your wardrobe more reliable, fun, and beautiful. We’re passionate about making every day a new opportunity to confidently express yourself.

Our weekly newsletter is an exclusive place for us to share inspiration and fun style tips, directly to your inbox! Get ready for some fun and fabulous updates coming your way. We’re so excited to have you join us, as part of the Red & Moon family!

Stay classy friends,

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