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Daily tracking

As a rule, I try to track one sale per day based on the date of the month. For instance, if it’s June 4 and I’ve only made two sales, I can hustle to bring in two additional sales that day. Keeping track of my sales this way means I can change my approach if I see a discrepancy. It also means that I can make sure daily that I’m on track for success.

Calendar check-ins

Timing is everything and careful tracking is how I determine when to reach out to existing clients. The Producer Development Program taught me about the ‘three-for’ (auto, home, umbrella), and part of my mission is to ensure that when life events happen, I’m ready to reach out to clients. I’m a self-professed crazy calendar lady, and my calendar is booked with check-ins, from new home buyers to eligible renewals, all the way to 2021!

Quarterly accountability

Accountability is key if you want to thrive in your role. The leadership team at the Producer Development Program not only built my confidence but gave me the tools to effectively connect with my own agency leadership. Now, every quarter, I set up a meeting with my agency principal, and we make sure I’m still pushing toward my goals. These meetings have helped me exceed my own expectations and reach my incentive goals six months ahead of schedule. The leadership team at the Producer Development Program not only built my confidence but gave me the tools to effectively connect with my own agency leadership.

Master sales call reluctance

While I was in the Producer Development Program, we took an assessment that revealed just how hesitant we were to pick up the phone and call prospective clients. After that week, I sat down with myself and realized I was getting in my own way. I knew I needed to make a change, so I started saying I was going to close five sales by 5 p.m. or going to call five prospective clients by 5 p.m. As soon as I started setting those markers, my positive results started to become consistent and my sales numbers started to grow.

Finding success and growth

I might have stumbled into insurance, but with the individualized approach of Safeco’s Producer Development Program, I was equipped with the tools to truly succeed. In the last year, I’ve grown so much with my own confidence and with my sales, holding a current year-to-date close ratio of 45%. I hope that by using these tips you find the same (or even greater!) success.

Diane Sherwood is currently a producer with Chamberlain Insurance and a 2017 graduate of Safeco’s Producer Development Program. 

Hear the rest of Diane’s story

Tune in to hear Diane’s top tips for establishing goals – and then far exceeding them –  through a meticulous tracking system, a few awesome tools and quarterly progress check-ins with her team. You won’t want to miss this one!

The podcast is available on your mobile device through the Apple (iTunes) and Android (Stitcher Radio) app stores. Just search for Safeco and look for Customers for Life. If you prefer, you can also listen online right now.

Want to learn more about the Producer Development Program?

Visit Safeco Now to find enrollment details, course options, registration details and more.

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