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Hello lovely ladies and welcome to The Exploress!

I wanted to send out an introduction/info email to you all to let you know everything what’s going on with The Exploress at the moment! Ready?! Okay, here are the deets:

November 30th is our re-launch date and we’re so excited to get things with the website up and running! For those of you who I’ve talked to already, or who feel like they may have materials ready that they would like showcased during this re-launch week, please email me or have your pieces/drafts emailed to me by our discussed on date.

As new members of The Exploress family, here are some people you should know about:

Emilee Morehouse: Editor and liaison for all of you to send emails, question and info to! Never hesitate to go ahead and check in with me if you’re ever having any questions (or ideas!) about The Exploress!

Nina Barron: Photo Editor and creator of this whole beautiful community we are a part of. For all of you who are thinking about submitting photo pieces Nina is your go-to point!

Claire Burkitt: Food Editor, Claire is the newest addition to our staff and will be heading up our Food section of the website! Whether it’s traditions surrounding food, recipes or food know-how, Claire will be your go-to point for all things food related with The Exploress!

Now that we’ve all been introduced…

Here’s what we need from you:
We’re looking for writers and photographers from both all of the spectrum.
There are three levels that you can join us at:

On the Regs: Right now we’re asking that “regular contributors” commit to 1-2 pieces per month (that meaning 700-900 word written pieces or 6-10 picture photo pieces with adjoining 200-300 paragraphs).

Guest Contributors: We also are looking for a few “guest contributors” who will be submitting 1 piece every other month! If you’d love to take part in the contributor family, but life will be keeping you from

Blue Moons: If you have one great idea, and don’t feel like contributing is for you after that point – that’s okay! We’d love to work hard with your to perfect that perfect piece and to really make that one piece shine its brightest.

Please hit ‘reply’ to this email and let me know which level (1,2 or 3) you would like to contribute to so we can make plans for the future – and don’t worry, you can change your contribution level at any time! Just keep us in the loop!

Lastly, you all are (very exclusively) invited to join our Facebook group for The Exploress. This group is ONLY for contributors and is a great place to meet, greet and chat with other women who travel! Here’s the link for you to request in:

Thank you all for your hard work! Keep tuned as we work together to build this community into something beautiful!

Thanks ladies!

Emilee Morehouse

Marketing Manager @ The Exploress

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Originally Published November 2015

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