Op-Ed Article: Short Shorts Reveal Rift Between Style, Modesty | Seattle Pacific University

There’s trouble at SPU. It has nothing to do with politics, policy or finances. It has to do with the on campus population of runners; male runners and their short shorts to be exact.

We’ve all seen it: While walking or driving innocently, we are suddenly exposed to a blinding flash of bare thigh streaking past.

We may have thought men’s four-inch long running shorts were lost in the 1980s, but it seems that not even SPU is safe from exposure.

Somehow, male short shorts have survived the decades, hiding from scrutiny in one major section of apparel: sportswear.

With a little tender loving care and nurturing, these garmets of clothing are defended by their owners with excuses of being for the sake of speed, comfort or weather conditions.

If these creations are for the sake of speed, however, then I would like to point out that most runners aren’t training to reach Olympic times and in fact, the Olympic men’s track uniforms bear a longer inch count than these flappy alternatives.

“And what’s going to be the difference of two inches?” freshman Audrey Riddle said. “I mean, what I don’t understand is why they can’t wear something under their shorts.”

After all, there’s always room for a little negotiation. So, here it is: buy spandex.

Even from a scientific point of view, wouldn’t running with less drag make runners even speedier as they jog around Seattle?

Just look at the example of superheroes: tighter is better.

But if individuals really feel the need for speed, I would personally suggest the security of your local gym, an environment where runners can revel in the similarity of their clothing choices.

The final excuse we will explore for why these shorts are a necessary visual violation is the claim to comfort in the weather elements. Well, gentlemen, we live in western Washington. We don’t see the sun here unless it is blissfully accompanied by teardrops from heaven.

Therefore, the most reasonable choice would seem to be the use of longer, more covering sports attire instead of those made for climates with the excuse of solar visitation and temperatures above 50 degrees.

But the discussion here is not pushing for the complete abandonment of this clothing, although that wouldn’t be completely unappreciated. It’s simply for awareness that others might not be as enthusiastic about your choice of clothing.

Freshman Maddy Allen said what it comes down to is respecting those around you.

“You can be responsible or irresponsible with the way you dress,” Allen said. “If you want to wear short-shorts, I’m fine with it as long as I don’t see anything I don’t want to see.”

So, why not explore other options of apparel? Not only could it save others the dread of stepping outside, but you might even find it is beneficial for you, too.

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