Twitter Style Guide | SimpleKeep


125 characters or less (this leaves room for a manual retweet and comments)

Only use hashtags when absolutely essential, otherwise abstain. An example of when a hashtag could be necessary would be when using them to connect to other participants in a live event such as a webinar or conference.

Shorthand & Emojis
Avoid emojis and shorthand (ex. LOL) when communicating on Twitter. This kind of communication can be seen as unprofessional and can be off-putting to others who want to share your information.

Shortened URLs
Shorten links with {permalink} within Coschedule, or third party source. Without use . This allows for more characters to be used to express the overall thought, rather than using characters on links.

Twitter Handles
Tag people and other companies, whenever possible, within your tweets (rather than simply writing the name of their organization). Tags help to add context to the post and can promote further conversation for the posts that you publish.

The @ symbol
This symbol is silent and should not be used as the world ‘at’ when posting. For example:

  • Yes: Hop over to enjoy some great customer service at @Slack if you want to boost your team’s morale!
  • No: Hop over to enjoy some great customer service @Slack if you want to boost your team’s morale!

Posting times/frequency

  • Posting times will be determined by third party sites (ie. Coschedule) for best time when postings should go up.
  • In case of a time sensitive post, the post will be put up at the discretion of the SK team.


Refer to tone guide for tone in all Twitter posts

Topics to post about

  • Target Market Relate Quotes
  • Campaigns for current posts
  • Campaigns for past posts
  • Infographics
  • Events/Engagement
  • Media Mentions (SK features with outside sources)
  • SK news (updates etc.)

Note: Keep each of these posts on topic and in relation to SimpleKeep and the target customer demographics.


  • Twitter posts should go up at least 1 time per day
  • Time sensitive posts should be posted in addition to the regularly scheduled posts
  • Posts that are related to a live event (ie. Webinar) should be intentional, but not limited
  • ReTweets should be handled with care, and should only happen when an event or comment

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