Press Release | Monterey Gold Honey

Artisanal Honey Creates Award Winning Taste from Monterey, CA

Sustainable honey producers, Paul and Larissa Del Piero, have manufactured a cutting-edge, yet idyllic, award-winning honey making process. The husband and wife team has created a unique approach which revolutionizes the idea of honey as a generic product, and returns it to its artisanal roots. Founded in 2013, Monterey Gold produces California’s most award-winning honey, while maintaining a legacy that stretches back five generations. With their unique understanding of the honey making process, Monterey Gold vintages each batch to embody the French concept of terrior; a taste transfigured by the season.

With continually growing success, Monterey Gold Honey is proving that a sustainable philosophy can create incredible results. Winning nearly every major honey competition in California, from Santa Clara to Costa Mesa, their unique approach has peaked with their most recent award of ______________.

“This just goes further to prove that Monterey County is one of the most unique and special places in the world,” said Paul Del Piero, half of the husband and wife team behind Monterey Gold Honey. “Monterey’s distinctive terroir has been recognized in the wine business for years, and we’re happy that recognition is finally making its way into that other food that relies so much on the makeup of the land—honey.”

Each vintage of Monterey Gold Honey is distinctive, and each taste refined by the blossoms and environment of that year’s seasons. The honey holds true to the standard for an exceptionally well-made product, that is world class.Pre

To see a list of awards and find out more, please visit or call (831) 250-6727.

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