Xbox Year in Review Global Campaign | Winner of 4 Addys

As one of the leads for the 2018 end of year compilation experience that Xbox gives its users, I supported multiple teams in collaborating to build the experience into something unforgettable. From social posts, to copy, to email lists, scheduling content and building out the user experience this campaign spanned the full breadth of a social user experience.

From Instagram stories to Twitter and Facebook post this experience led the user through a step by step compilation of building a snow globe that represented their gamer journey in 2018. I received recognition for the team on creativity when writing copy for the posts, coming up with organic community engagement posts for social channels and for putting in the extra hours to make sure the campaign ran smoothly.

We also won FOUR Addy Awards!

GOLD for Data Driven Media

GOLD for Tools & Utilities

GOLD for Direct Mail 3-D/Mixed Campaign

SILVER for Online/Interactive Campaign






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